gry planszowe dla dorosłych ranking 2015

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  1. Unfortunately the manifestos of subsequent governments have failed to be properly looked into when power is accessed. But then APC must show it’s different or remained to be seen in same light as other parties in the past.
    Restructuring is for equality and that must happen. Obasanjo had spoken as a former president, but his argument is alright but isn’t whole. So therefore restructuring shall usher in true federalism to Nigerians and to their best interests.

  2. Hummnnn… This is great, Nigerians need to learn from great minds.

  3. I hope all Nigerians are listening? I hope the government operators will bulge. Weldon sir, we are in this together

  4. Thank you uncle Doyin. I hope this point will educate Nigerians on the need to embrace and vote for restructuring of Nigeria. Thanks

  5. Nice one.

  6. I must in the first place commend your interest in and concern for the unity of this country,Nigeria.From your past,you had no spot to dent or work against you.At present,you’re not missing your roles as a good stateman.I urge you to keep it up,sir.For the day of reckoning must certainly come when all men will give account of their services to the society at large.

    Concerning the national issues at present which evolve agitations and restructing from different angles in this country.Let me start by saying that agitation is a product of maladministration,abnormalities and systemic decay borne out of bad leadership in a given social formation.And for normacy,peace and unity to return in such decayed and collapseden entity,restructuring is inevitable.The calls for restructuring in this country had long been over due.Agitation is not new to Nigerians.From Niger Delta Militants in the south south,Boko-Haram in the north east,Biafra in the south east and host of others in the country did not started today.

    Therefore, the calls for restructuring is an idea whose time has come.And this is done by only those who are still interested in the unity of Nigeria,while others who are saying;there is nothing to restructure are the ones giving invitation to the division of the country.But I’m saying to them,there’re a lot of things to restructure as result of imbalance in our formation,structures and system of doing things.If you want to see clearly what to restructure,you begin to look at who is where and who is who in this country.A political system that has 36 states including the capital territory and one place has 19 states.Out of 774 LGAs,the same place has 416 LGAs and were created by the military and not even one is created by the civilian.And still from the same place that all these were created by their leaders who claimed to be national leaders.You look at resources control,concentration of power and authority and security management in country compared to other federations in the world such as USA,Canada,Australia, India and many of them.You see that we’ve along way to go which will start by the subject matter,RESTRUCTURING for peace and unity of the country to stand.

  7. Yorubas should accept restructuring won’t happen and let’s move on and form our own country

  8. This is becoming more interesting…@doyin Okupe

  9. I don’t NIGERIA and Nigerians as a whole is ready for Restructuring. The same leaders piloting our affairs that can not honour gentle man agreement reached within their respective Political party wants Restructuring.
    What we need is change of heart and mind. Let’s​ understand the concept of Living to-gether in peace and harmony.
    Our federal system is nothing but a display of autocracy.
    Only in Nigeria will an outgoing governor engage in norminating his deputy as successor. What happened to the party Constitution? When we don’t respect out constitution, how are we going to respect our respective Political party Constitution.
    Let’s have a change of heart towards one another before talking about Restructuring.
    Thank you Sir.

  10. Things are fallings in pleasants places… Nigerians, be expectant

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